African Green Jasper, Prehnite, Gold Rutile Quartz & Brass Bead Bracelet


Natural Stones cut into 8mm smooth rondelles on an adjustable cord bracelet.

Jasper -

It is one of the most healing stones for the body, heart and soul. It brings courage and soaks up negative energy around the wearer. It can show you how to transform your dreams into reality.

Found in Australia, China, Canada and the United States.  

Prenite -

A stone of healing that can strengthen our immune system and relieve depression. It helps to develop our intuition and connect us to our dreams and those on the spiritual plane.

Found in the China, South Africa and the United States. 

Gold Rutile Quartz -

A very powerful healing stone. It can remove discomforts and repels negative energy while attracting peacefulness, growth, wealth , security and wisdom. Wear it as often as possible.

Found in Brazil and Madagascar.

Brass -

Brass has been associated with the easing of pain associated with injury or arthritis and helping to improve the condition and appearance of skin.

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