Kyanite and Chocolate Moonstone "Montana de Oro" Surf Necklace


Natural stones cut into 6mm smooth rondelles on a California surfer length hand-knotted 18" cord with antique brass beads interspersed and a hand crafted sterling silver hook clasp.  

Montana de Oro - A collection of golden rugged cliffs that cradle secluded beaches in Central California.

Kyanite - This stone helps us to cross the inner bridges which lead us to personal growth, this is a bridge between the natural world and the land of our heart. Kyanite assists in finding ways to incorporate all the different aspects of ourself into one harmonious whole. It can create an intersection between us and the dynamic balance of nature helping one to feel and become a part of the ever moving, flowing balance of the Tao; the life force of the universe.

Moonstone - This stone has the abilities to commune with the energies and spirits of nature, from plant spirits to the universal consciousness. It has been used for centuries to connect with the energy and power of the moon. The moon plays a vital role in the governing of the rhythms of the tides and can help us to find balance in the pulls and releases of the curr

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