Arizona Turquoise and Bronzite Bracelet


Natural Stones cut into 8mm smooth rondelles on a hand-knotted adjustable cord bracelet with antique brass beads. 

Arizona Turquoise -

Turquoise is a stone of wisdom, providing the insight to discover the wholeness of oneself and an awareness of personal truth. This stone is a reminder that all the facets of ourselves are mirrors of the Divine Spirit. Meditating with turquoise enhances the perception that is gained from life experiences; opening our minds to initiate the full embrace of the total human self.

Found in Arizona, United States.

Bronzite - 

This stone promotes a loving and unprejudiced insight to our emotional selves, this provides Bronzite the ability to resolve unsettled emotions we have been struggling with. When we come to conjunctions in our journey this stone is believed to instill courage as we make decisions about what paths to take in our life. Bronzite restores harmony deep within so that the mind, body and spirit flow with the natural rhythm of the universe and connects us to that rhythm. 

Found in India, South Africa and Northern Europe. 

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