Arizona Turquoise, Red Creek Jasper and Serpentine Bracelet


A trio of natural stones cut into 8mm faceted rondelles on a hand-knotted adjustable cord bracelet with antique brass beads interspersed. 

Arizona Turquoise -

Turquoise is a stone of wisdom, providing the insight to discover the wholeness of oneself and an awareness of personal truth. This stone is a reminder that all the facets of ourselves are mirrors of the Divine Spirit. Meditating with turquoise enhances the perception that is gained from life experiences; opening our minds to initiate the full embrace of the total human self.

Found in Arizona, United States.

Red Creek Jasper -

This stone possesses an extremely strong connection to the earth providing this stone an energy that embraces stability. In both physical and emotional aspects of one’s life, this stone can provide a grounding influence that increases the harmony between the intellectual and the spiritual senses. The terrestrial nature of this stone creates a sense of solidarity in one, bestowing upon a person assurance of self, creating individual confidence.

Found in China.

Serpentine -

This stone is a protector of vital energy against negative forces. Serpentine is known for it's soothing nature derived from its connection to the earth. This stone can bring serenity to one's emotions allowing for the release of fear when encountering life changes or when hardships arise.  Connecting with Serpentine through meditation allows for one to re-connect with the natural world and discover joy and peace from the earths energy. 

Found in Brazil, Canada and India. 

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