Apatite, Aquamarine & Labradorite Bracelet


Natural stone cut into 8mm smooth rondelles with antique brass beads on an adjustable cord bracelet.

Apatite -

A calming stone that provides courage & trust and brings about pure joy. Good to use in meditation to alleviate stress and clear your mind.

Found in Brazil, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Aquamarine -

Clears the mind, balances emotions and strengthens personal power, aquamarine connects with the Heart Chakra, helping you to realize your innermost truth and promoting self-expression.

Found in Brazil, Pakistan & Afghanistan.

Labradorite -

This stone elevates our development through openness and truth. It clears, aligns and shields your spirit. It's iridescent colors symbolize the moon. It generates harmony from within.

Found in Madagascar, India, and Russia.

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