Beryl, Jade British Columbian and Black Onyx Bracelet


Natural stone cut into 8mm smooth and faceted rondelles with antique brass beads on an adjustable cord bracelet.

Jade - 

The pure green of this stone is associated with abundance in the heart chakra giving this stone a powerful energy to bring abundant healing to ones heart. A steady strength emits from Jade giving one a feeling of well-being and balance of the life-force, or chi, energies flowing throughout you. Jade is a physical representation of harmony and the happiness. Due to this association Jade is believed to promote the abundant flow of prosperity to one's personal and professional life. 

Found in British Columbia. 

Beryl -

A talisman stone for artists as Beryl is believed to promote creativity within one. This stone is believed to enhance courage, calm emotions eruptions that may happen when under extreme stress and assist in alleviating whatever stress one is under. When one needs to filter out distractions and focus on projects Beryl is believed to calm the mind and bring a positive outlook to the world around you. It is the Elfstone in Lord of the Rings That Galadriel gave to Aragorn.

Found in Brazil, Colombia and New England. 

Onyx -

Onyx is a stone actively associated with inner-strength, willpower and discipline. The persistent energy of this stone empowers a person to carry difficult tasks into completion. The powerful attributes of this stone assist the mind in maintaining focus and encourages attention to details. Connected with the electromagnetic energy of the earth, onyx cools over amplified energies and alleviates anxiety.

Found in India and Brazil.

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