Citrine Quartz Crystal Necklace


A natural pristine, glowing yellow clear 39mm x 20mm long crystal with rainbow reflections on a 22" sterling silver chain necklace. 

This rich and vibrant colored stone is from Cristalina, Brazil which produces a rare, intensely colored variety of citrines. The area has a long history of mining incredibly colored and unique crystals since 1879. 

Citrine Quartz -

Citrine is a great stone for clarifying one's thoughts which in turn enhances creativity and amplifies personal powers of manifestation. Associated with the second chakra, Citrine is a powerful stone when one seeks to awaken their personal powers of creativity. Possessing a powerful frequency this stone allows for the clearing and strengthening of channels of manifestation and imagination. Citrine is believed to resolve difficult situations we find ourselves in by allowing access to a divine energy that guides our actions to overcome difficulties we encounter. 

Found in Brazil.

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