Emerald in Quartz Crystal Necklace


A deep green emerald encased in a quartz matrix. This 37mm x 14mm stone is on a 22" sterling silver chain.

Emerald -

Viewed as a symbol of fertility this stone is a wellspring of emotions, especially those associated with love and compassion. The water element of this stone brings a freshness and vitality to both the emotional and physical aspects of the heart. Alleviating the fear of vulnerability, an emerald opens up the connection to the frequency of Divine Love.

Found in Columbia.

Quartz Crystal - 

Clear Quartz Crystal is one of the most versatile stones available. This stone possesses the three key properties of programmability, amplification of intentions and cleansing one's energy field which makes it a multidimensional and powerful stone to have. When one focuses intentions clear Quartz Crystal can be programmed towards these intentions to help achieve any inner or outer goals one sets. A great clarifying stone, it brings clarity to thoughts and a sense of purpose which helps overcome confusion when one is seeking out the answer to personal questions by establishing a strong, clear connection to higher guidance. 

Found in Brazil and the United States. 

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