Green Garnet, Smoky Quartz and Zoisite Bracelet


Natural stones cut into 8mm multi faceted rondelles with antique brass beads on a hand-knotted adjustable cord bracelet.

Green Garnet -

This is a grounding stone, making it a great tool to create confidence and stability when one is faced with challenges both with our internal self and the outside world. Green Garnet can assist in grounding one's dreams and desires in the physical domain while also empowering ones creative imagination to manifest in the three-dimensional world . This stone is said to enhance truth and faith and to dispel feelings of melancholy. 

Found in India, Africa and the United States. 

Smoky Quartz -

A stone associated with grounding, smoky quartz connects one with the earth. Stabilizing us emotionally to combat negative vibrations that we may encounter. A stone that is very useful in times of high stress, smoky quartz can help the wearer to confront and neutralize the issue at hand and also fortifies one to move through the dilemma causing issue with composure, equanimity and grace. 

Found in Brazil, Australia and the United States.

Zoisite -

This stone connects us to our true selves, where we can feel more whole and more in tune. It transforms negative energy into great and pure positivity. Combined with Ruby it can increase potency.

Found in Tanzania.



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