Labradorite "Aladdin Sane" Lighting Bolt Necklace


I made these hand carved stone super iridescent Labradorite Lightning Bolt necklaces in honor of the David Bowie iconic Aladdin Sane album cover Lightning bolt makeup by artist Pierre La Roche . Labradorite is a constantly changing color stone depending on the light , a chameleon stone like David.

The hand-carved crystal is  51mm x 15mm on a 22" sterling silver chain. 

Labradorite - 

This stone is known as the gemstone of magic, it is believed to awaken in oneself the awareness of the innate magic that exists within us. This magical quality can increase a capacity to visualize and perceive through connection with the inner eye. Acknowledged as an inter-dimensional stone, in the light Labradorite emanates vivid flashes of colors which remind us of unseen planes of awareness that can be discovered when we move into a spiritual light. 

Found in Madagascar, India, and Russia.

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