Mala for Love + Passion Necklace With Three Power Stones

$200.00 $410.00

48” 108 bead mala necklace with three power stones.  

10mm stone beads with one 12mm mother bead embossed with sterling silver eagles. The combination of healing stones work together to enhance each other’s energies.

Love + Passion

RED GARNET - This stone is the embodiment of love. Its red color reminds us of the heart and heat of romance. It’s a sensual stone that invigorates old relationships or helps to find new ones. In cases of unrequited love it can clarify the circumstances and either help you to let go or find the correct path to connection. A stone of attraction, garnet’s magnetic energy draws not only love to its wearer, it elevates that love to enrich relations, inspire devotion and stimulates sexual prowess. Garnet can also project love into one’s self, enhancing self-esteem and rejecting anger directed inward. It can heal emotional discord between lovers, reminding us that the most important thing in this world is love.

LEPIDOLITE- As a heart centre activator, Lepidolite can stimulate feelings of deep joy and bliss and a sense of love pouring forth into the world around you. In the metaphysical world, lepidolite is regarded as a stone of peace, calming and balance. It is primarily related to the heart chakra, but also resonates with the third eye and crown chakras.It is said to encourage its keeper to hang onto hope in hard times, to ease difficult transitions, and to engender patience, optimism, independence and self love. When paired up with rose quartz, lepidolite’s influence may allow for the reconciliation of love.

AMETHYST - A stone of intense spiritual vibration, it has the ability to protect from
psychic attacks and negative energy by transforming it into love. It helps us focus on the task at hand, elevating our work from the mundane to the extraordinary. It finds calm and mindfulness through serenity, opening us up to the possibility of spiritual balance and full spiritual awareness. This stone is not distracted by the minutia of the everyday but reminds us to focus on the things that truly matter and to love all elements (even the negative) of this world and beyond. It calls us to love the divine and strive for selflessness and in kind will rewards us with psychic gifts and profound knowledge.

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