Gold Tiger Eye, Kambaba Jasper & Peruvian Blue Opal "Mono Lake" Surf Necklace


Natural stones cut into 6mm smooth rondelles on a California surfer length hand-knotted 18" cord with antique brass beads interspersed and a hand crafted sterling silver hook clasp. 

Mono Lake - Peruvian Blue Opal, Gold Tiger Eye, Kambaba Jasper.

An ancient lake inhabited by towering limestone towers framing the beautiful water that reflects the majesty of the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

Peruvian Blue Opal - According to Incan mythology, this Andean Opal is considered to be a gift from Pachamama, the earliest Incan Earth Mother Goddess of fruitfulness and fertility. This stone may be used in meditation when one is seeking to commune with the spirits of nature and connect to the natural energies surrounding us to help encourage ideas to flow freely without inhibition. Andean stones promote right action for the highest good and stimulate connection with others and communication from the heart. This is an excellent journeying stone, highly receptive, inducing a mild hypnotic state for enhancing divination and metaphysical gifts. Peruvian Blue Opal carries Water energy and can bring an inner peace to it’s carrier to help one through difficult times.

Gold Tiger Eye - This stone is thought to bring together and merge the energies of the Sun and Earth. The brown coloration of this stone is extremely earthy and and therefore grounding while the golden yellow coloration is that of then life giving energy of the sun. Gold Tiger’s Eye resonates with the frequencies of the Earth and provides a warm, stable energy during prayers and meditation. The brown rays within Tiger’s Eye brings connection with the natural world and this coloring often associates it with the idea of home, hearth, and nature. This grounding quality helps us to relax, reconnect, and regain our composure while also promoting a sense of security and stability.

Kambaba Jasper - Kambaba Jasper is associated with growth and also a powerful conduit to tap into the natural life force flow of Earth; birth, development, destruction and of the power of nature’s constant renewal within this natural cycle. A stone that is imbued with the nourishing green energy this is a stone of peace and tranquillity through our connection to the natural world.


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