Moonstone and Sunstone Cube Bracelet


Natural stones cut into 4mm faceted cube rondelles on a hand-knotted adjustable cord bracelet.

Moonstone -

A stone of initiating beginnings, much like its namesake, moonstone recalls in our mind the cyclical nature of life reminding us to go with the natural flow. This helps to keep us from overreacting to situations by remembering to view the bigger picture. Resonating with the mysterious and feminine energies moonstone has been traditionally used to enhance psychic abilities by promoting empathy and intuition.

Found in India, Sri Lanka and Australia.

Sunstone -

With a warm, sparkling color this stone is reminiscent of the sun and associated with personal power, freedom and the ability to expand one's stream of consciousness. A stone associated with leadership due to the solar qualities of this stone; believed to create a sense of benevolence, strength and a willingness to bestow blessings. All qualities that make for an enlightened and steadfast leader. Known for it's ability to reveal ego-based motivations and desires, sunstone can shed light on the will of the divine and show us a path in service to others and creating spiritual abundance. 

Found in India, Norway and North America. 

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