Surfer Moonstone, Labradorite and Aquamarine Necklace


Natural stones cut into 6mm smooth rondelles on a California surfer length hand-knotted 18" cord with antique brass beads interspersed and a hand crafted sterling silver hook clasp. 

Moonstone -

A Stone of initiating beginnings, much like its namesake, moonstone recalls in our mind the cyclical nature of life reminding us to go with the natural flow. This helps to keep us from overreacting to situations by remembering to view the bigger picture. Resonating with the mysterious and feminine energies moonstone has been traditionally used to enhance psychic abilities by promoting empathy and intuition.

Found in India, Sri Lanka and Australia.

Labradorite -

Treasured for it’s incredible spark of an array of colorful flashes this stone has the ability to awaken the awareness of the magic we innately possess. Activating the inner eye, labradorite provides a clarity in meditation allowing for insight into the unseen aspects of life. This stone assists in synchronizing our world and the spiritual world, providing an interior harmony between ourselves and our divine purpose. The purification aspects of this stone allows the awareness of our inner selves to develop.

Found in Madagascar, India and Russia.

Aquamarine -

Clarifying to the mind, this stone assists in balancing emotions which strengthens personal power. Aquamarine connects with the Heart Chakra which is the center associated with unconditional love and compassion. Aquamarine can soothe the negative thoughts and connect to our inner loving selves, helping to realize inner truths and promote self-expression.

Found in Brazil, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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