Surfer Peruvian Blue Opal, Gold Tiger Eye and Kambaba Jasper Necklace


Natural stones cut into 6mm smooth rondelles on a California surfer length hand-knotted 18" cord with antique brass beads interspersed and a hand crafted sterling silver hook clasp. 

Peruvian Blue Opal -

The calming blue of this stone emits a vibration that is excellent for quieting the mind, releasing tension and softening the impact of stress from the outside world. Associated with aiding in communication, peruvian blue opal can assist in easing tensions in a conversation and allows you to speak freely without fear of recrimination. Known to help ideas flow more free this stone is great when one feels creatively stagnant. 

Found in the Andes of Peru. 

Gold Tiger Eye -

This stone can help boost self-confidence due to this stones motivational energy. by both activating and cleansing the third chakra this stone creates a feeling of being grounded even amongst chaos. The stabilizing vibration of this stone is a great aid when you need to focus your energy. When fear is an obstacle in your path, gold tiger's eye will provide courage and a feeling of determination to guide one through the obstruction of fear on the journey to develop dreams into reality. 

Found in South Africa, India and Australia. 

Kambaba Jasper - 

A stone that lends support as one navigates through life, kambaba jasper has a balancing energy. Known for it's tranquil energy; this stone provides stress-relief and restores a balance of body, mind and spirit. With its calm, peaceful vibration kambaba jasper is one of the best stones to aid in meditation. 

Found in South Africa and Madagascar. 

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