Quartz Crystal with Rays of Gold Rutile on Cord Necklace


A one of a kind 46mm x 27mm quartz crystal with clusters rays of Gold Rutile on a length adjustable hand-knotted nylon cord necklace.

Quartz Crystal with Amphibole Inclusions

The clear quartz crystal is a multidimensional stone the is a powerful energy amplifier and this stone can be "programmed" by ones focused intention in order to aid in the achievement of set goals. A stone associated with light, Clear Quartz can provide a heightened spiritual awareness especially when used in meditation. The Amphibole mineral inclusion give this stone a multi-dimensional essence while being amplified by the Clear Quartz it is interwoven within. These stones are known to bring peace, harmony, and a confident sense of serenity. This "peace of mind" brings an awareness of self worth and contributes to building a strong sense of self esteem from within. 

Found in Brazil and the United States.

Gold Rutile Quartz -

This is a stone of cleansing and recharging properties making it a very powerful healing stone. This stone emits a clarifying radiance that repels negative energy while attracting peacefulness, growth, wealth, security and wisdom. The energy amplification properties of this stone assist in developing and elevated state of consciousness. Wear it as often as possible to allow it’s healing vibrations to flood your system and balance all chakras.

Found in Brazil and Madagascar.

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