Quartz Crystal with Amphibole Inclusions Necklace


A 40mm x 29mm quartz crystal with amphibole inclusions on a 22" sterling silver chain necklace.

Quartz Crystal with Amphibole Inclusions

The clear quartz crystal is a multidimensional stone the is a powerful energy amplifier and this stone can be "programmed" by ones focused intention in order to aid in the achievement of set goals. A stone associated with light, Clear Quartz can provide a heightened spiritual awareness especially when used in meditation. The Amphibole mineral inclusion give this stone a multi-dimensional essence while being amplified by the Clear Quartz it is interwoven within. These stones are known to bring peace, harmony, and a confident sense of serenity. This "peace of mind" brings an awareness of self worth and contributes to building a strong sense of self esteem from within. 

Found in Brazil and the United States.

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