Quartz Crystal with Chlorite Inclusions Necklace

$85.00 $140.00

A natural quartz crystal with floating island of green chlorite inclusions within a

48mm x 21mm stone on a 22" sterling silver chain necklace. 

Quartz Crystal with Chlorite Inclusions -

Chlorite is a powerful purifier of both the physical and spiritual self and this energy is amplified by the Quartz Crystal it is held within. This makes the crystal a powerful tool when meditating and seeking out spiritual development from within yourself. Chlorite is a great cleanser and can be a tool to dispel negative energy from the physical body while also purifying our aura and the chakras. Strongly tied to the heart this crystal is a great tool for emotional healing by helping to release negative attachments and emotional wounds. 

Found in Brazil and the United States. 

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