Quartz Crystal with Orange Stained Hematite Inclusions Crrystal Necklace


A quartz crystal with orange hematite stained amphibole inclusions. 63mm x 33mm crystal is on a 36" sterling silver necklace. 

Quartz with Amphibole Inclusions -

This stone brings powerful clarity and can intensely purify us physically, emotionally and spiritually. Great for meditation, this stone possesses and angelic vibration creating a space of white light bringing about a sense of peace, harmony and serenity. This stone is filled with light and positivity allowing for the breaking out of old or negative cycles and discovering new dimensions of clear consciousness.

Found in Brazil and the United States.

Hematite -

This stone provides a calming inner balance while eradicating negativity. It helps bring clarity to the mind. Good to use in meditation.

Found in Brazil, Europe, and the United States. 


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