Raspberry Lemurian Quartz Crystal Necklace


A natural Raspberry lemurian quartz crystal with horizontal striations showing the growth of the wisdom of ancient ages gone by. The 77mm x 26mm crystal is on a 30" sterling silver chain. 

Lemurian Quartz Crystal - 

These crystals have ladder like striations along then side of the crystal which show the progress though the ages of the growth of wisdom the crystals hold. Legend tells us this crystals were used by the ancient Lemurian civilization to focus consciousness when practicing clairvoyance and healing. Legend holds that wearing these crystals allows us to connect to our clairvoyant abilities and awaken and stimulate these ancient, latent abilities we all hold within ourselves. This stone is very soothing to our consciousness and supports the brain and nervous system. 

Found in Colombia and Brazil.  These are from Minas Gerais , Brazil

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