Mala for Spirit + Divination Necklace With Three Power Stones

$250.00 $410.00

48” 108 bead mala necklace with three power stones.  

10mm stone beads with one 12mm mother bead embossed with sterling silver eagles. The combination of healing stones work together to enhance each other’s energies.

Spirit + Divination

ANGELITE - Angelite raises the state of conscious awareness. It represents peace
and brotherhood. It enhances psychic healing and telepathic communication and enables astral travel and spirit journeys. Because of its ability to deepen attunement and heighten perception, Angelite is a powerful stone for healers. It also provides protection for the environment or the body. Spiritually, Angelite is filled with compassion. It transmutes pain and disorder into wholeness and healing, opening the way for spiritual inspiration. It creates a deep feeling of peace and tranquility. It helps connect to universal knowledge and raises awareness. Angelite facilitates the rebirthing process, stimulates healing, and opens psychic channeling.

QUARTZ CRYSTAL - The most powerful energy amplifier in the world, clear quartz
can be used with many other stones to intensify their properties. Alone it is a wonderful stone for meditation and spiritual awareness, using its amplification effects to connect with other realms or deep parts of the self. It helps spiritual development by clearing blockages so that energy is free flowing through the body. It also has the ability to combat electromagnetic energy that can be at best distracting to those engaging in spiritual or meditation practices. One reason for it extraordinary capacity for spiritual healing is its ability to provide the wearer with exactly what they need in that moment to thrive.

LABRADORITE - A powerful stone for meditation, labradorite, opens the crown and connects one with the celestial. It clarifies emotional routes to bring the spirit out of imbalance and ground it in the body. Shamans were said to use labradorite to look beyond the veil to examine possibility and providence. It’s a helpful stone for developing intuition and using the dreamscape to cultivate divination and spiritual connectivity. It encourages introspection and should be used with stones of love so as not to drift into spiritual despair. It removes emotional obstacles that block us from reaching our true potential. Use the phrase “I am of the light” when meditating with it, reminding us that we are all one.

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