Tibetan Prayer Beads with Chrome Diopside Bracelet


Bodhi Tree beads with a 12mm chrome diopside center stone on a hand-knotted adjustable cord bracelet. 

These Tibetan antique prayer beads that were collected by myself on the Tibetan Plateau. They are seeds from the Bodhi Tree which is the tree that the Buddha sat under when he achieved enlightenment. They have a wonderful patina from being worn for many years and so do not wash to preserve the oils.

Chrome Diopside -

This stone has a balancing and healing orientation. Supporting a state of relaxation, alleviates stress and aids in identifying one’s emotional center; diopside is a powerful stone for full body alignment due to its powerful grounded nature. This link to the earth allows for the replenishment of energy from the earth for both physical and emotional regeneration. This stone promotes a connection with the natural world, opening the mind to new information and enhancing the understanding of concepts that we were not previously attune to.

Found in China, India and the United States.

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