Tibetan Bodhi Bead Bracelet with Chrysoprase


Bodhi Tree beads with a 12mm Black Tourmaline center stone on a hand-knotted adjustable cord bracelet. 

These Tibetan antique prayer beads that were collected by myself on the Tibetan Plateau. They are seeds from the Bodhi Tree which is the tree that the Buddha sat under when he achieved enlightenment. They have a wonderful patina from being worn for many years and so do not wash to preserve the oils.

Chrysoprase -

A stone that belongs in the green ray, chrysoprase posses metaphysical properties associated with healing, prosperity and abundance. This stone brings the prosperity of optimism, joy and happiness into life encouraging a positive outlook on life daily. Chrysoprase helps to release the truth of one's inner self, assisting in the release of suppressed emotions. This action of release activated by this stone gives it a powerful healing quality. Chrysoprase is believed to be able to rejuvenate a broken heart, heal torn relationships and convert negative feelings into positive. 

Found in India, the United States of America and Poland. 

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