Tibetan Prayer Beads with Red Garnet Bracelet


Bodhi Tree beads with 12mm red garnet center stone on an adjustable leather cord. 

Tibetan antique prayer beads that I collected on the Tibetan Plateau. They are seeds from the Bodhi Tree which is the tree that the Buddha sat under when he achieved enlightenment. They have a wonderful patina from being worn for many years and so do not wash to preserve the oils.

Red Garnet -

This stone aligns the base, heart and crown chakras to create an environment that offers physical, emotional and spiritual support. A stone of inspiration as Red Garnet reflects the light of ones heart and encourages the receiving of abundant love. This internal healing that happens when the heart is open to divine love creates self worth and self esteem, bestowing vitality and charisma. It assists in owning one's gifts and abilities, and sharing them with others. 

Found in India, the United States and Africa. 

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