Black Rutile Quartz Crystal Necklace


A one of a kind 82mm x 22mm black rutile quartz crystal on a 30" handmade sterling silver large link chain necklace.

Black Rutile Quartz -

Black Rutile Quartz are pieces of black tourmaline crystals that grew within a quartz crystal. The natural partnership of black tourmaline and clear quartz crystal give this stone a powerful duel energy. As clear quartz is known to magnify power entrusted to it, this stone amplifies the purification and protection qualities of black tourmaline. This synergy of powers allows the black tourmaline encased within to broadcast it's clearing of negative energies and defends us from psychic attachments, entities and energetic debris within our energy fields that may hinder us. This duel power stone is also believed to electrify our innate psychic and empathic abilities. 

Found in Brazil and the United States. 

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