Blue Tiger Eye, Cuprite, Grey Quartz, Hypersthene and Red Jasper Wrap Bracelet


Natural stones cut into 8mm smooth rondelles on a hand-knotted adjustable cord. Bracelet wraps three times around the wrist to create a "stacked" look with a spherical center stone. 

Blue Tiger Eye - 

Associated with the sun due to it's color this is a stone of vitality bringing reinvigorated energy to one's actions when overcoming life's challenges. Tiger Eye is a very grounding and centering stone due to its ability to embrace the paradox around us and see all life as coming from one source. A stone associated with strength of will, Tiger Eye can assist when we are entangled in difficulties and help us to persevere through. 

Found in South Africa, India and Australia. 

Cuprite - 

Connected with the life force of the earth this stone can connect one with the root chakra and begin the process of healing difficult to overcome issues created from irrational anxiety and fear about our morality. Cuprite is associated with the feminine earth and creates a connection and balance of the female energies within ourselves. This stone is one of reception, it allows for the opening of our inner potential which can then begin to manifest outside our ourselves. 

Found in Congo, Namibia and the United States. 

Hypersthene -

A stone of solution that assists in getting answers quickly to problems on different levels of magnitude. This energy of solution the stone exudes is a powerful tool when mediating and seeking answers to persistent questions. Hypersthene is also good for people who are overly critical or irritable as it helps us to accept the parts of ourselves that are judged by others bringing a sense of personal peace with all of ourselves. 

Found in
Canada, Greenland and Norway.

Quartz Crystal - 

Clear Quartz Crystal is one of the most versatile stones available. This stone possesses the three key properties of programmability, amplification of intentions and cleansing one's energy field which makes it a multidimensional and powerful stone to have. When one focuses intentions clear Quartz Crystal can be programmed towards these intentions to help achieve any inner or outer goals one sets. A great clarifying stone, it brings clarity to thoughts and a sense of purpose which helps overcome confusion when one is seeking out the answer to personal questions by establishing a strong, clear connection to higher guidance. 

Found in Brazil and the United States. 

 Jasper -

This stone is one of the most healing for the complete trifecta of the body, heart and soul. Jasper has a strong connection to the consciousness of the earth providing this stone with the ability to support one through stress bringing a grounding tranquility to the inner self. A great tool for meditation; Jasper allows us to be present in moments of isolation so that we are able to connect, absorb and reflect on the energies around us. Jasper has been historically used by Shamans for generations as is is believed to be a sacred and powerful protection stone. 

Found in Australia, Canada, China and the United States. 


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