Chrysocolla, Gold Tiger Eye, Fluorite and Prehnite Wrap Bracelet


Natural stones cut into 8mm smooth rondelles on a hand-knotted adjustable cord. Bracelet wraps three times around the wrist to create a "stacked" look with a spherical center stone. 

Chrysocolla -

This stone associated with the feminine energies of the goddess archetype brings about a harmonious balance and connection with the natural world. Chrysocolla is recognized as a "teaching stone" allowing for the flow of knowledge gained from personal experiences.  It emanates both gentleness and power giving insight and guidance as one traverses stressful and difficult obstacles in our lives.

Found in Arizona, Peru and Chile.

Gold Tiger Eye -

Associated with the sun due to it's color this is a stone of vitality bringing reinvigorated energy to one's actions when overcoming life's challenges. Tiger Eye is a very grounding and centering stone due to its ability to embrace the paradox around us and see all life as coming from one source. A stone associated with strength of will, Tiger Eye can assist when we are entangled in difficulties and help us to persevere through. 

Found in South Africa, India and Australia. 

Fluorite -

This stone of balance can clear out negative energies that create atmospheres of confusion and cluttered thoughts. Fluorite is a stone of order; helping to focus creative thoughts into realized concepts that are directed from the imagination into reality. While navigating the flow of life this stone is a great ally by creating harmony of thought allowing for clarity when making decisions.

Found in China, Russia and the United States.

Prehnite -

This stone is believed to bring union to the heart and mind establishing an alignment of will to the promptings of the heart. This can create an atmosphere for decisions to be made in calibration with vibrations tuned into the paramount good. Prehnite's earth element energy gives it a grounding energy that can calm excessive anger or ease any nervous thoughts through the motherly nurturing earth energy this stone emanates. A great facilitator of heart-centered connection, Prehnite can unify the heart with earthly creation creating an inner renewal of personal power linked with inner peace. 

Found in China, South Africa and Australia. 

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