Chrysocolla, Larimer and Lapiz Lazuli Bracelet


Natural stone cut into 8mm smooth rondelles with antique brass beads on an adjustable cord bracelet.

Chrysocolla -

This stone associated with the feminine energies of the goddess archetype brings about a harmonious balance and connection with the natural world. Chrysocolla is recognized as a "teaching stone" allowing for the flow of knowledge gained from personal experiences.  It emanates both gentleness and power giving insight and guidance as one traverses stressful and difficult obstacles in our lives.

Found in Arizona, Peru and Chile.

Larimer -

This stone of feminine power has a soothing effect which can provide clarity in communication. This stone calms the emotional body allowing for the opening up of oneself to the state of relaxation this stone initiates. This stone balances the polarities of water and fire allowing this stone to bring balance and healing to an environment.

Found in the island of Hispaniola.

Lapis Lazuli -

Lapis Lazuli has long been associated with royalty and spirituality, making this stone a trusted guide when making a deep inner journey. It is a stone of visionary awareness allowing a person to receive visual information or direction especially in the form of dreams. Helping to transfer one’s conscience from the commonplace routine of thought; Lapis Lazuli can move one out of a mundane mindset and expand awareness of personal motivations and beliefs. Integrating personal experience with a clear perspective this stone can assist in reaching a higher level of awareness.

Found in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.

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