Picture Jasper and Lapiz Lazuli Bracelet


Natural stones cut into 8mm smooth matte rondelles on a hand-knotted adjustable cord bracelet with antique brass beads. 

 Jasper -

This stone is one of the most healing for the complete trifecta of the body, heart and soul. Jasper has a strong connection to the consciousness of the earth providing this stone with the ability to support one through stress bringing a grounding tranquility to the inner self. A great tool for meditation; Jasper allows us to be present in moments of isolation so that we are able to connect, absorb and reflect on the energies around us. Jasper has been historically used by Shamans for generations as is is believed to be a sacred and powerful protection stone. 

Found in Australia, Canada, China and the United States. 

Lapis Lazuli -

Lapis Lazuli has long been associated with royalty and spirituality, making this stone a trusted guide when making a deep inner journey. It is a stone of visionary awareness allowing a person to receive visual information or direction especially in the form of dreams. Helping to transfer one’s conscience from the commonplace routine of thought; Lapis Lazuli can move one out of a mundane mindset and expand awareness of personal motivations and beliefs. Integrating personal experience with a clear perspective this stone can assist in reaching a higher level of awareness.

Found in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.

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