Nephrite Jade Bracelet


Natural stones cut into 8mm faceted rondelles on a hand-knotted adjustable cord bracelet.

Nephrite Jade - 

This deep green stone is a great stone for overall healing. It's empowering healing nature helps to revitalize and speed up the healing process of the body. This stone is not only good for physical healing but also emotional healing. This is a stone with a strong soothing energy that aids in emotional stability especially with people who are struggling with regulating their feelings and emotions. This serene energy of Nephrite Jade can bring one into a state of clarity and awareness to the parts of ourselves that need to be nurtured by self love and in order to heal emotional wounds. This stone has long been associated since ancient China with bringing the wear abundance and luck. A stone of prosperity and long life it is a powerful stone for manifesting dreams and hopes into reality. 

Found in China, British Columbia and Siberia. 

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